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RE; Amano cult discussion

To reply to Nicholas D. Kefalas Comments:
You are obviously an angry man. Angry at something or somebody. Didn't you
read the posts. I don't believe for a moment that Amano set out to only make
money with what he does. I believe it was a passion, and the commercial
aspects simply allow him to do what he loves to do. Because he has achieved
notoriety, people seem to resent him. To each his own, baby! I personally
like some other peoples aquascapes to a greater degree than his, people who
don't have near the fame that he has had thrust upon him, but I don't cut
him! He is obviously a talented artist in his own right. Does the painter
who paints a distorted view of an object paint something fake? Let me ask
you a question. If you had a passion and pursued it, and you had no money
and someone offered to give you enough money to live as a direct result of
that passion, would you do it? (Read his bio) For a guy who went to MIT I
suspect your only trying to get a rise out of anyone who will respond. It
couldn't actually be for any other reason, could it? By the way, I went to
St. Cloud State! Don M.  P.S. Is that a Greek name? I am Greek! ηρέμησε !
(not all there when sent in e-mail, but means take it easy in Greek)