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Tank specs RE: aquascaping

Hey Gang,

One beef I have with aquascaping now is the
proportions of the tanks commonly for sale. They have
no depth (front to back) so it is difficult to
*create* in such a limited scope, especially with
bulky items like rocks. Those with 55gallon, 29gallon,
20long, 45long are especially challenged. These were
clearly designed to be "fish" tanks.

Tanks with a length to depth ratio of 2:1 are the
simplest to make appear amply furnished for our
purposes so I wonder why we don't see more tanks like
40breeder, 58 gallon from Oceanic, or 20tall. The
10gallon tank is the cheapest thing to outfit with all
the fixin's and have an easy time furnishing, and

For example:
The 120 gallon (4'x2'x2') is a better option than the
135, IMO, because, despite the length difference, it
would be easier to create an engaging aquascape
because of the ratio of length to depth. Innumerable 
rock/wood layouts are possible in a space like this
and still be coherent. Were as in the longer,
shallower tank, only more linear layouts are possible.

Rock work and driftwood placement are the
*fundamental* element of design in the tank. It seems
that tank selection could make or break us in this

What do you all think?

John Wheeler

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