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Re: Amano cult?

Hey Gang,

For those who really don't care about this thread, or
about the subject please just scroll through....

Arthur wrote:
>>Milan Kundera has written about our obsession with
artist, in place of examining the art.  And we see
this with the "commercial" argument.  This kind of
criticism does not address the art, but just attacks
the artist.  Equally off-putting is the sort of
criticism that adulates the artist and interprets the
art through the his personality.<<

I can sense Arthur's patience with this thread is
waning so maybe I can help.

>>American aquascapes stink.  And it's the anti-art
sentiments of the techno/hobby crowd that perpetuate

True. The previous statements are absolutely true if
you want to look at it from the perspective of an
artist, or someone who desires higher culture.
American aquascapes are filled with plants that get
too big for the tank, too much light, amatuer
placement of all decorative objects including plants,
and we're cheap when it comes to the important stuff,
and willing to "break the bank" for dumb stuff. We are
satisfied that pearling plants are the pinnacle of

Bigger is better....The ol' standbye.

On the flip side, we feign passion and flaunt or
vocabulary to create the illusion of "importance" in
what we do. There are, of course, a few exceptions.  

All is not lost. Amano is here on this earth to help
us! Sell us stuff, sure, but he really just likes nice
aquariums. Who else on this planet has given us as
much material, and pictures, and insipration as this
guy. If you REALLY read what he has to say, then I
garauntee you'll learn something. I have created
almost every "effect" in his books in some form or
another and they are certainly long term effects.
There is more maintenance in a proper Dutch tank than
any 2 "nature aquariums" so, contrived or not, they
are viable water gardens. He is not the end all be
all, but we have *no direction*. This seems like an
excellent place to start in my eye.

Amano, simply, is being Japanese when he writes. I'm
sure he doesn't care for our scrawl either. So we can
move past the societal and cultural issues on that
front, I hope. 

If Japanese art is not your cup of tea, the principles
can be applied to virtually anything if you USE YOUR
IMAGINATION. A rock is a rock until you place it in a
work of art. Then it becomes a mountain, hill, castle,
monument, stroke of color, ostinato, or whatever.

I hope that we can spend more time talking about "art"
and less on UV sterilizers, etc. Newbies are going to
have questions and, thank your gods for Tom Barr, they
should be addressed...feverishly, by all of us who


I look forward to our discussions,
John Wheeler

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