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CO2 formula, Is this right?

Two questions:


My brother who is a Chemical Engineer sent me this formula and told me that
it would accurately provide the CO2 concentration in PPMs, as long as
phosphate buffering was low or nil. I have compared it with the chart at The
Krib, and it tracks pretty close, but not quite.

There seems to be subtle differences. Can anyone here comment on it?

The formula is:
CO2 (PPM)= 3 * KH * 10^(7-PH)


Based on this formula and on the chart at the Krib, my CO2 concentration is
about 13-14 PPM (KH=11, PH=7.37), is that sufficient CO2 for a 55 gallon
tank with several Aponogeton (mostly Crispus, I think) and 210 W of light,
Iron is 0.25 PPM, Ammonia 0, Nitrite 0.5 PPM, Nitrates 6 PPM,Laterite and
gravel substrate under sand, some 15 or so Guppies, 2 Honey Gourami
youngsters, 1 lone snail. The Aponogeton dudes seem happy, growing pretty
fast, all are in various stages of shooting flowers stalks to the top.

Have no idea on Phosphates, have to get a test kit. My water out of the tap
has a KH of 3 and a GH of 2, so I added bicarbonate for buffering.

By the way, I bought one of those CO2 reactors from Tom Barr, and I am very
happy with it's performance. It dissolves all the CO2 my DIY setup provides
without a problem.

Thanks you all in advance for your insights.

Art Batista