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Re: Re: Aquarium bible no 2

>>Oh, you mean like the Dupla book "The Optimum Aquarium", anything
published by Tetra Press or (heaven forbid) TFH Publications, or maybe even
the ADA
magazine Aqua Journal?<<

LOL..you are right of course James, all these companies use such
publications as a marketing tool, I was just giving people fair warning! I
still think it is a great book.

>>As for availablility of AZOO products, that is the fault of U.S.
retailers, not AZOO. They have a sales office here in Toronto to service
North America and my local dealer can get pretty much anything in their
catalogue for me.
Visit AZOO's North American web site (http://www.azoo-usa.com/) and look for
what you want. The U.S. distributor for AZOO propducts appears to be ZZOO
Unlimited at http://www.zzoounlimited.com/ .<<

Actually I have visited both sites, and their North american distributor
site is for all intent non existent. It is so much "under construction" that
there is nothing there. I am not even sure if they are doing business yet.
At least thats how it was a month ago.

There are a few of their products finding their way here, and I sell a few
of them because one of my business partners has accesss to them, but from
what I understand the company has had real trouble breaking into the US
market as much or more so as Amano did.

I think the very stylized, aquariums for yuppies market isn't going to make
it. I was approached by a company in Italy, and one in France that is trying
for the same image...a Saks 5th avenue-Macys aquarium fertilizer...you know
what I mean? I can just imagine the esoteric TV commercial...a confused but
rebellious james-dean-teenager in a sweaty tee shirt staring thru an
aquarium at a scantily dressed Twiggy, speaking in french of course, with
kissing gouramies in between them.

>>A vivarium is another name for a terrarium - all dry land, while a
paludarium is sort of a cross between a terrarium and an aquarium - meaning
that it has aspects of both, i.e. some dry land and land plants, some areas
of water containing aquatic plants.<<

Ok...duh, well the book I was describing that calls them "Garden Aquariums"
was definetly paludariums not vivariums. And very elaborate ones at that...I
wish I could post pictures from the book.

Robert Paul Hudson