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Re: new tank/green dust algae

> Could this be because I
> didn't add nutrients to my tank right after the water change?  I highly
> doubt one day without nutrients would be enough for my plants to become
> deficient and allow algae to take over.

Your right so give it a try. Algae can make do for a day also.

> I performed a full battery of
> water tests last night before adding any nutrients and nothing was severely
> deficient (pH=6.8, KH=5, GH=9, CO2=24ppm, NO3=10ppm, PO4=0.05-0.1ppm, Fe
> =<0.1ppm). 

PO4 is quite low. But it's not causing this algae.

> BTW, I forgot to add, while performing the water change
> Wednesday night, I also cleaned my filter for the first time since I
> started using it two months ago.  I simply rinsed all the pads and bio
> media containers in a bucket of tank water.  Boy, that filter was all
> gunked up.  Could that have been the reason for my rising Nitrates?

Maybe it finally cycled well but not sure. All those additions seem like a
more probable cause.

> Also,
> would rinsing the filter have any effect (good or bad) on this surface
> algae?  

Might make the dust after you scrape it off harder to trap.

> Another thing I'm wondering about is the length of my photoperiod
> and what effect it would have on this surface algae?  My photoperiod is
> currently 10 hours and runs from Noon to 10 pm.

That's fine. For surface algae you can dab a paper towel to pick up a lot of
oil and other gunk. Might help for this. I'd add some surface current. Skim
off with a cup etc.

If you have a micron filter(like the Magnums) scrape the tank well, Run this
immediately afterwards for 1-2 days or a Diatom filter/UV etc.

Here's a good way to whup most all algae:
Turn your regular filter off, scrape the tank real good, pick and clean all
the algae off as best you can. Trim leaves that need it etc. Do all your
cleaning first. Then do those big water changes being careful to suck up all
the dead algae, detritus etc off the bottom of your tank. Add fresh
nutrients, except KNO3 right afterwards. Run a UV/Micron/Diatom filter right
after for a day or two. Add KNO3 the day after the water change.

Do this weekly and after three weeks, it'll cure about every type of algae
there is. I've spent a lot of time cleaning up my algae experiments and
other folk's tanks.
It works well.
Tom Barr

> Well, that's all I can post for right now.  I have much to do here at work.
> Thanks again for your insight, Tom!  Also, thanks to anyone else who would
> like to chime in with any advice.
> -Gamera