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CO2 reactor, stained water

Hello, This is my first posting as I am new to the list.  I think it is a
great resource for all involved.    I have a 39 gallon with 60 watts of
light in mixed tubes and a well established substrate.  The tank is stocked
with 4 medium Angles, 2 Pearl Gour. And a few small tetras.  It is planted
with a mix of plants, most of them are swords and some Java fern as well a
purplish plant with crinkled leaves and a low plant with stiff rounded spear
point leaves. The plants are growing slowly but steadily. I do very little
work to the tank and it seems stable.  The Angles keep mating so I know they
are happy.  I have constructed a  yeast CO2 system from directions found on
"The Krib". Does anyone  have a in tank DIY CO2 reactor plan they could
share.  Also I am searching for a way to stain the water in the tank.  I
have tried the blackwater extract but the effect is temporary, gone in about
two days.  I have two external filters running slow with Peat as the only
active media besides the floss bag. Any suggestions?  Thanks for your help

Jim DeAngelo, CFM 
Dewberry and Davis 
METS Division 

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