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Re: exposing the Amano cult

> In response to Edward Venn's Amano - One hand clapping:

In response to "Imaginary Someone's" MisterPMDD - One dropper pouring:

>    Without disparaging Amano's talents as a planted aquarium enthusiast
> businessman], or the beauty of his tanks, you can keep his overly
> writing.  I can't stand to read it for a second.

Without disparaging MisterPMDD's talents as a planted aquarium enthusiast,
or the nice growth of his plants, you can keep his overly scientific
I can't stand to convert grams-teaspoons-ppms for a second.

>    You see a nice planted tank, and the caption is something like: "I
> my mother's perfume in the forest at sunset as I descended the snowy
> mountain.  I captured all my emotions here with this dwarf hair grass, as
> can plainly see --- [unless you're an insensitive moron, or at least not
> gifted as me, and those who worship me]."

You see a nice planted tank, and the caption is something like: "I replaced
calium with boron
in the automatic Liquidoser and raised PO4 from .2 ppm to .3 ppm as you can
plainly see ---[unless you are an illiterate moron, or at least not as
scientific as me]"

>    Rediculous!  I don't know how he gets away with it.  Just list the
> ingredients and lay out the methods.  Keep the mystical garbage out of it.
>    Venn now wants in on the act, and writes:  "A japanese garden must ...
> contain all the elemental forces earth, air, water and fire ...."  Please
> tell me how to inject fire into my tank!  All I have is CO2 so far.  Will
> still need a heater?  Will I now need a chiller?  Sheesh.
>    I guess it sells, though.  Maybe I should write an astrology guide to
> aquariums, and clean up.
>    I expect the standard religious arguments in response.

Apologies for the caustic humour ;-) I am a PMMD user , and I do have a
mania with ppms and other maths.
But this reminds me the recent "scandal" in the Winter Olympics in the
couples figure skating. Yes, technicalities are standart and have to take
"x" points, and in that perspective the canadian couple was maybe excellent,
but the "earth, air, water and fire" as subjective as they might be, are
there - the aura, artistry, personality, glare and communication with the
audience are something beyond "points".
Listing the ingredients and laying out the methods would have transformed
"patinage artistique" in gymnastics, if the "mystical garbage" was not

That said, I do admire Amano's cutlural and philosophical approach, but I
take it as a unique artist's creation. I was not at all impressed by a
recent entry in the AGA contest, that was a prefect Amano tank copy.
Once the "growing healthy algae free plants" point is reached, creating a
unique personal aquascape may be a "plant some of those reds here and some
of the greens there" approach, or an "I am inspired by Tolkien's
philosophical middle earth position" approach. The end result can as
beautiful or as uggly in both cases, but let people create and share their