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RE; Amano cult discussion...

Mr. Purchase wrote:
"The "mystical garbage" is every bit as valid an 
approach as worrying over micronutrient levels to the 
point of _navel gazing_ or pulling your hair out over 
the appearance of algae."

This cracked me up James... The scientific name for 
navel gazing of course being omphaloskepsis -- one of 
my favorite $5 words.

I do tend to agree with James on his points though -- 
at some root level I suspect many hobbiests are 
interested in the "creative outlet" aspect.  

Afterall, you can only buy so many gadgets and test 
your water so many times before you actually have 
to...God forbid!!... Aquascape and worry about how 
the rocks look in the whole compositition.  I'm very 
excited that I am now at this stage, and no longer 
stress about a little algae!