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Re: Aquarium bible no 2

Robert Paul Hudson commented on a book from AZOO:
"The only down side to this publication is that is is so overfilled with
product ads and product hype, even interlaced in the text of the articles,
and most of their products are not readily available in the USA."

Oh, you mean like the Dupla book "The Optimum Aquarium", anything published
by Tetra Press or (heaven forbid) TFH Publications, or maybe even the ADA
magazine Aqua Journal? Come on Robert, be reasonable - these companies are
footing the bill and flogging their products. If as you say, they are
providing you with beautiful photographs and inspiration, can't you put up
with a few ads? Remove the product hype and I'd bet that the cost of the
book would put it out of reach of most of its potential audience (I mean,
someone has to pay the piper).

As for availablility of AZOO products, that is the fault of U.S. retailers,
not AZOO. They have a sales office here in Toronto to service North America
and my local dealer can get pretty much anything in their catalogue for me.
Visit AZOO's North American web site (http://www.azoo-usa.com/) and look for
what you want. The U.S. distributor for AZOO propducts appears to be ZZOO
Unlimited at http://www.zzoounlimited.com/ . (But don't get me started on
those little torture chambers they call "Palm Aquariums").

"Actually, I think I got the terms vivarium and Paludarium mixed
explain the difference to me please!"

A vivarium is another name for a terrarium - all dry land, while a
paludarium is sort of a cross between a terrarium and an aquarium - meaning
that it has aspects of both, i.e. some dry land and land plants, some areas
of water containing aquatic plants. I don't think anyone would shoot you for
confusing the two because here in North America very few people have tried
their hands at paludarium set-ups.

James Purchase