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Re: Two hands clapping

	I have 2 cents left over and would like to throw them into the pot.

James Purchase, Robert H, Roger Miller, Edward Venn, et alia posted
thoughtful, considerate, and for some, provocative comments regarding
Amano and his methods.  I'm glad.

One of the things that I think is so great about this list is that
hobbyists (practitioners, artists) of all skill levels can find useful
info any day of the week -- "I just set up my first tank" -- "I've had
aquariums for 40 years but heavily planted tanks for only a couple
years"  -- and then there's Tom and Karen and Neil . . . 

I guess wide range is largely due to the fact that one can pose a
question and almost certainly get a response -- usually several and
often varied.  That situation attracts the novitiates and the experts. 
I guess it's also due to having a membership with a broad range of
interests, personalities, etc.

Personally, I don't mind if someone talks about structural rigidity of
zen or Shintoism or quotes from Sir James George Frazer's The Golden
Bough -- I still feel like I learn things, even from the most
unexpected of places (or posts).

Owning and maintaining aquaria is fun -- and I don't mean 'fun' in a
flippant way.  Hearing and talking about it is fun, too.  This list
helps me to do all of these.

Scott H.

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