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Aquarium bible no 2

Has anyone here ever seen this publication? It is an awe inspiring
book/magazine put out by AZOO, the amano like company of Taiwan.

This edition entitled "Garden Aquarium" has 128 pages, loaded with
photographs of "Garden Aquariums" or what we would call vivariums. Some of
the most finely detailed and artiscally laden displays of both aquatic and
terrestrial plants with wood, rock, bark, petrified wood, and other props,
that I have ever seen! I really makes me want to build one.

I know in the past two AGA showcase contests there were a few vivarium
entries, Ivo Busko and a few others. What this book shows along that line is
incredible. Also included is an interesting technical article and data on
mineral and nutrient uptake of plants with an explanation of the role of
each nutrient in plant growth and phyisiology.

Also there is an article on the relationship of phosphate and nitrogen, and
an article on how various hormones can be used in plant growth and what
affect they have. It was all very interesting and at a much more technical
level that I imagined it would be, but easy enough for anyone to read! Its
like reading a water downed version of Tom Barr, with punctuation!!

Individual bios of a long list of both terrestrial and aquatic plants is
given, which aids greatly in planning ahead a plant list for a vivarium.
Along with dozens of color pictures of uniquely different vivarium
aquascapes, layout designs are also given. There is a vivarium plan for
almost every type of fish you can think of... from African cichlids, to
Killifish, to dwarf south americans.

The only down side to this publication is that is is so overfilled with AZOO
product ads and product hype, even interlaced in the text of the articles,
and most of their products are not readily available in the USA. But if you
can get past that, I think this is a worthy addition to any home library.

Robert Paul Hudson