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Re: exposing the Amano cult

David Brown wrote:
"Without disparaging Amano's talents as a planted aquarium enthusiast [and
businessman], or the beauty of his tanks, you can keep his overly spiritual
writing.  I can't stand to read it for a second."

I suppose that you could always choose to skip those posts......;-)

"...Rediculous!  I don't know how he gets away with it.  Just list the
ingredients and lay out the methods.  Keep the mystical garbage out of it."

This is a hobby which can and does attract a wide variety of people and can
be appreciated on a lot of different levels. The "mystical garbage" is every
bit as valid an approach as worrying over micronutrient levels to the point
of navel gazing or pulling your hair out over the appearance of algae.
Usually, those who can spend their time thinking about the finer points of
aquascaping have learned the basics and know the nuts and bolts. They are
looking for a new challenge and perhaps also a creative outlet. More power
to them, we can all learn something new.

This isn't really a hobby where true success can be measured by how closely
you can follow a recipe. I haven't seen many masterpieces produced by "paint
by number" artistes.

"I expect the standard religious arguments in response."

I'm Roman Catholic - would a Hail Mary do?


James Purchase