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Re: Hello all. Back to the hobby.

"Peter W O'Dwyer jnr" <odwyerpw at nycap_rr.com> wrote:

> a CO2 reactor.  No more bucket brigade either, as I will use one of the
> light timers on the unit to power a solenoid and add 3 gallons of water a
> day, automatically.  I have a corner overflow in my Aquarium to the Wet/Dry
> so no overflow problems here.  I have an overflow on my Wet/Dry that leads
> to the drain.  So new 3 gallons in, old 3 gallons out!  Just need to get the
> right solenoid Dwell Time & Flow rate to get 3 gallons.  Ebay has been a

Did you consider a garden watering timer instead ? It provides the timer 
AND valve in a single inexpensive and easy to install and operate unit. I use 
a Melnor 3015 Electronic Aqua Timer (http://www.melnor.com/, about $24 @ Home 
Depot) to feed 4 gal/day to my 120 and 1.5 gal a day to my 46 planted tanks. 
This particular brand / model has a very wide range of settings for its price 
range. I use garden hose Y connectors with ball valves to control the flow 
rates. It has been working flawlessly and is a very inexpensive solution.

- Ivo Busko
  Baltimore, MD

  "Buy a fish, Save a tree !"
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