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square pin PC bulbs

After a search involving 20+ mail order sites/catalogs, I've got some 
recommendations to help anyone else that wants bulbs for square pins 
(AHSupply still seems to be the best choice for straight pins).  All prices 
are for 28watt 6700K bulbs (since that is what I was looking for)  
www.lampsnow.com is $16.95 and www.reefgeek.com is $14.  The former has 
online ordering, the latter will let you sort of place the order, but they 
have to get back to you (shopping cart, but no online billing).  These two 
were the cheapest I found, but I've no knowledge of the quality of  the 
products or the customer service (though I'm about to find out).  I'll post 
again when I know more than just prices.

I hope this helps someone, if not now then in the archives.

Cameron in AL

p.s. from all this I guess I've answered my last question...there seems to 
be no such thing as 36watt bulbs in the Japanese / Panasonic / square-pin 
arrangement.  If there is any potential damage from running a 28watt bulb on 
a 36watt ballast, some one stop me.  Otherwise, I'll take a shot at it.

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