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Re: An issue for you to ponder

My earlier comment:
"My concern is that if the regulator does malfunction, it may present the 
low pressure (outlet) side of the regulator with pressure in excess of it's 
design rating, resulting in rapid, uncontrolled disassembly of the 
regulator (big bang theory?)."
Mr. Sutrynowicz's (of Mathesson Tri-Gas) comment":
"Using the regulator outlet valve to control flow rate - In the event that 
the regulator fails and allows full cylinder pressure to pass, the outlet 
valve may not allow a large enough flow rate to prevent the pressure from 
backing up and blowing out the regulator delivery gage. Even if it did 
allow sufficient flow, the gage or some other component in the system would 
still blow out, unless a relief valve were installed downstream of the 
Mr. Gromberg's comment:
"My system is designed to fall apart and dump all pressure if a failure 
occurs in the regulator delivering high pressure downstream. There is no 
effort to contain the pressure, let it go. That way nothing will shoot off 
or rupture sending shrapnel everywhere. That is the reason for using soft 
silicone hose."

Same concept different verbiage? Great minds DO think alike!

Kudos to Mr. Gromberg for his CO2 system design. My guess is that he put a 
lot of thought into this design, and has produced a very nice system for 
the nominal price of $110. (By the way, where did he get that "cozy" 
pictured on his website? How cool is that!!)

The original design of my personal system is very close to his, as far as 
basic criteria is concerned. I should know by now that the "because it was 
there" philosophy is quite likely to get one (me) in trouble. It seems I 
must constantly re-discover that "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." is a 
very good axiom to live by.

I built my system (minus the $35.00 CO2 tank from the local automatic fire 
extinguisher company) for less than $30.00.
Regulator			$25.00 ($18.00 + $7.00 s&h)
Aquarium airline tubing		maybe $0.50
Aquarium air valve		about $0.50
3 liter coke bottle		free (for the reactor)
Misc. irrigation fittings		$3.50 (for the 100% efficient reactor)

Total cost for parts while putting together the system through a couple of 
configurations is less than $50.00, after adding in the $15.00 I paid for 
the 5 pound cylinder and single stage, single gauge regulator. If you 
deduct the $20.00 donation made to the APD defense fund a gentleman made in 
trade for the first regulator, the cost is again less than $30.00, and I 
have a small cylinder I can use on the weekend when the big 20 pounder gets 

I do wish to get a check valve to go in the system. Perhaps Mr. Gromberg 
(Is it OK if I call you Dave? It is so much easier to type than Mr. 
Gromberg.) would be willing to sell me one.

While frugal might be a very kind understatement when describing my 
fiduciary (spelling?) habits, I did this mainly because I enjoy tinkering. 
There is some satisfaction in putting together a system that performs well, 
to which I am sure Mr. Gromberg will attest. Even more satisfaction (for 
me, anyway) in doing it for less than I thought possible.

You've done well Mr. Gromberg. My thanks for your support of the hobby by 
filling a much needed niche (again, spelling?). Keep up the good work.

Douglas Guynn
	dguynn at nwol_net

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