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Re: Nomaphila corymbosa 'compacta'

Noami, the link you provided describes a cultivated variety of H.
corymbosa - the nursery is calling it "mini". Its impossible to tell if it
is the same as "Compact" from the Tropica list. A lot of growers and sellers
like to use their own private names to differentiate themselves from the

If you are looking for a Hygrophila variety which might do better in a small
tank, look for H. corymbosa "angustifolia". This is shown on the Tropica
website and they list it as a subspecies of corymbosa. I have seen it
described as a separate species - H. angustifolia, so I'm not sure of its
exact status. But whatever it is, it isn't a cultivar - I obtained seeds
last year from Dave Wilson who collected them from the wild in Australia.
The plants which grew from these seeds look just like the image on the
Tropica website, and they stay pretty small and delicate looking. Light
green in color, and so far they haven't exhibited the nasty habit which a
lot of other Hygrophila species have of growing roots all along the stem.
Definately worth looking for.

James Purchase