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Who's eating the snails?

I've got two tanks.  A 70gal heavily planted community tank, and a 10 gallon
heavily planted nursery tank.  The 70 has no aparent snails at all.  I
recently build up the 10 gal and transfered over a whole bunch of
hygrophelia and a half dozen baby platys.  The water is more or less
identical between the two.  A week after the 10 gal got started, I noticed a
small (1mm) snail.  He has grown rapidly since, and now, about a month later
is at least 1cm accross.  Now I have about 100 baby snails all over the
glass, no more than 1mm in size...  So, the big question in my mind is who
is keeping the snails in check in the 70 gal tank?  Now, the suspects:

zebra Danios
cherry barbs
balla sharks
tinfoil barbs (*)
black tetras
dwarf ottos
and one really old neon tetra

*)  Yea, yea, I know.  Lawnmowers.  I have a friend thats gonna take them
off my hands.  They eat too damn much.