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Re: "Nature"?

Roger wrote:
> The gardening books go on to explain design
> concepts that Amano certainly uses in his aquariums,
> but didn't fully
> explain in his texts.  

Just remember that only a miniscule amount of Amano's
writing/theories are available in English...

If you refer to the Nature Aquarium books published by
TFH, I wouldn't interpret them as didactic primers on
the Nature Aquarium method (not that you do).

As to whether the Nature Aquarium is truly
"natural"...well that is a semantic argument.  If by
"natural" you mean "biotype", then certainly not. 
Natural compared to the other stuff out there?  Yes. 
Or at least the illusion of nature.  And that's the
trick.  To create something beautiful, inspired by
nature, where the imprint of the creator has
sublimated itself to only an essense, leaving the
aquascape to communicate for itself.

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