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Re; pocket PC Cameras

I've also been using a Kodak DC215 Zoom camera for taking pictures of my
fish tank, the price is pretty decent for this camera now, without trrying
to get into too much details, the 'concerns' i had about this camera were a
few things: 1) the macro option 2) auto focus,3)zoom  other than that the
1.1 MP (or 1.3. can't remember) is very nice for pictures and for taking
them to London Drugs to print the pix for $0.59 for the 4x6" size it's
'decent' quality, currently I'm using a Minolta Dimage 7, it's a a bit
different 5.2 MP, with much better zoom. macro options and it's got a manual
focus (i'll post the new pix on my site later) very nice camera but a little
bit of a difference inprice, although I find a 2MP camera to be sufficient
for aquarium pictures already (as a matter of fact a 1MP is good enough but
the lowest u can buy these days are around 2 ~ 3 MP cameras) oh it's got a
movie option so i recorded my ameca splendends eating different algaes in my
tank, kinda low-b but did it for fun,

it really depends what your requirements or wants are, sorry this is a reply
to the kodak dc215 not the pocket pc camera, i still use the kodak most of
the time, it's smaller ..

oh btw- Chrys those are realyl nice pictures on your website = )


Raymond Wong