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RE: Pocket PC Cameras

>From: "David A. Youngker" 
><nestor10 at mindspring_com>

>And is this the _usual_ price of the particular camera
> you purchased? I'm still trying to get a feel for the
> capabilities of the "lower" end of the market, so that
> information would be useful in this case.
> Granted, I'm only looking for Instamatic quality, but if
> this is an indication of the value involved I'd have to
> say it's a fantastic bargain...

Hello, I use a "lower end" digital camera a lot, but one 
that costs more than $45.  It's the Kodak DC-215 Zoom. 
 I'm not sure what they're going for now, but a couple 
years ago, it was 200 something.  It's a one megapixel 
camera, and I thought I'd mention it, because I have a 
lot of photos up taken with it, so you can see what the 
low end quality form Kodak is.
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