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Rock Phosphate

> Anyway, I did an extensive search in the archives for "rock phosphate". NO
useable results. In fact, only one and no one responded apparently.
> Anyone know anything about using rock phosphate? It's MUCH cheaper than
the enemas. 

I bought a 5 lb bag of it for 5.00.   I opened it,  mixed it with water in a
jar and the rock phosphate promptly settled out of it(5-10min).   After it
settled out,  I tested the remaining water in the jar for phospate.
According to my SeaTest phosphate kit which tests between 0-1 with a 0.2
increment and got a 0.2 reading for phospate in the jar itself,  not enough
to affect the tank. (I like this test  kit BTW even though it is for salt,
it seems to be very accurate). 

This tells me that it does not disolve at all in water which makes it almost
useless to me.  One might be able to use it in the substrate if they were so

For now I am still using Jobes sticks for that.    My Mono Potassium
Phosphate still has not arrived yet.  I am currently using very small
amounts of a water soluable (like the blue miracle grow product) fertilizer
that is 10-60-10.   The nitrate does come from NH4 but is in small enough
amounts that the Ammonia test does not pick it up once it is diluted in the
tank.   Once my KH2PO4 arrives then I will switch over to it and quit the
fertilizer completely.   It has a noticable affect on the growth of the
plants and has not seemed to stress the fish at all.