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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #1608

The "normal" price for that camera is around $85. Macy's on the West Coast 
had them on sale for $45 last weekend. I bought two. ;-)

The pics could be better. The minimum focussing distance is something like 
7ft, so they aren't as sharp as possible. I've picked up a cheap +3 diopter 
(for non-photographers, it's also called a "macro filter") and been playing 
around with it. Gets the min distance around 3ft which is MUCH more usable. 
I'll shoot some more this weekend (after I clean the *@^#*$&^ brown algae 
off the 30g tank...) 

As for lighting, the 30g tank has two 30w tubes: A marine Glo actinic and a 
SunGlo. That's the "warmer" colored one. The other is a 25tall and has 2 20w 
PowerGlo, one 20w SunGlo, one 36w 50/50 power compact. Both have yeast CO2 
and the plants are growing like mad. The 25 is the one where I've been 
battling hair algae, but I'm winning now that I added the power compact 
light. Both tanks are well stocked with fish as well, so I haven't had to 
add ferts yet, but I'm going to need to add micros soon. Colors on the 
plants are fading. Sigh. 


From: "David A. Youngker" <nestor10 at mindspring_com> 

The colors in those pictures are fairly decent, all right. But what type of
lighting are you running on those tanks? Did the camera compensate, or did
you - through a setting or something. 

And is this the _usual_ price of the particular camera you purchased? I'm
still trying to get a feel for the capabilities of the "lower" end of the
market, so that information would be useful in this case. 

Granted, I'm only looking for Instamatic quality, but if this is an
indication of the value involved I'd have to say it's a fantastic bargain...