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Test Kit Questions

I have a couple questions about the proper use of test kits.  Number 1: When
comparing the resultant color of a sample to the color chart, the
instructions say to hold the sample up against a white background.  Thatís
all well and good, but if I hold it directly against the white background I
get one reading, and if I hold it about an inch away from the white
background I get a slightly different reading.  For example, this morning my
pH test read 6.4 if I hold it directly against the background, but only 6.6
if I hold it an inch away.  This can make quite a difference when trying to
pinpoint CO2.  Which way should I read the test?

Number 2: My SeaChem Phosphate test instructions say the test reads
inorganic soluble Phosphate.  It says that if I want to test for
Phosphorous, I need to divide the test result by three.  Which test result
is applicable to our planted aquariums, Phosphate or Phosphorous?  It would
make a big difference because my tank would be extremely nutrient deficient
if Iím supposed to be dividing the test results by three.

Thanks in advance for any help!


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