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Re: CO2 in Low Light tanks

Naomi Mizumoto said, among other things:

> I think I'll follow one of the recommendations to
> just 
> go ahead and inject CO2. I'm only using a 15-watt fluorescent light
> over 
> this 10-gallon when I set it back up. But I suppose if extra CO2 is
> not 
> going to hurt anything, why not? I was worried that it might have a
> similar 
> effect as over-fertilizing.

Tom, didn't you point out recently that added CO2 can be good in a
(relatively) low light tank?  Question: if the added CO2 helps to bring
the tank to a NO3 or PO4 limited (depleted?) state, would that be
inviting algae or worse, the dreaded BGA?  I don't mean that one (CO2
in low light) will always cause the other (algae or BGA).  I guess the
question is should one monitor NO3 and PO4 if one adds CO2 to a low
light tank or maintain lower levels of CO2 than in a PO4-KNO3
fertilized tank?

Scott H.

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