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Re: favorite substrate

Roxanne Bittman cast a vote for SeaChem black Onyx sand a favorite
substrate, preferring it to Flourite:

> it's a nice
> light
> grey-blue
> and the texture is more rounded and more like real sand than is
> Fluorite. . .Fluorite  . . it looks
> artificial to me, since
> it's red for one thing and the "chunks" of it are hard-edged - it
> looks
> crushed, not
> naturally eroded.  Onyx looks more natural and you get the same
> benefits of not
> having to add laterite.

She makes good aesthetic points, doesn't she.  And they are more than
than, too.  Would a geophagus be comfortable working over a Flourite
bed with it's sharper edges?  Be sure to note also the slight effect on
pH that the Onyx can have.

Scott H.

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