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RE:Ameca splendens

Ameca splendens should be fine with discus, but will suffer from the higher
temperatures. They normally live in Mexico where they are now considered to
be threatened. I understand that temperatures around the lake can fall
considerably during the night and that ice has been seen on the water. I
have only anecdotal evidence of this but accept it even so. We have several
hundred here in Bolton. We keep one tankful heated (24c) and one at room
temp (can go down to 16c in winter). Those in the cooler tank live longer
and are better coloured than those in the warm tank. 

We have found that these fish are grazers and have seen them devour a
tankful of vallisneria - we had a carpet of vallis covering the bottom of
the tank and these fish munched their way through it. However they do not
appear to be interested in moss

If you are considering adding these fish to a planted tank - beware, they
may eat your plants.

Tim Henshaw
Bolton Museum Aquarium