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CO2 in a sump?

Oy, now that my 135 with Wet/Dry is all set up, I have a unique new

In my 125, I was using the plant guild power reactor with GREAT
success.. (injected CO2).

In my 135, I put this into my SUMP, but I don't seem to have TOO much
water level (and keep having to add water to keep the RIO pump from
sucking air)..

Even with a BIG bubble rate, my ph is staying HIGH, my CO2 levels are
down, and my plants aren't doing the "pearl" they used to..

I went to all the trouble put putting in a spraybar across the entire
back/bottom of the tank to make sure the CO2 came out of the sump and
rose up the plants.. 

Has anyone figured out a clever way to get good CO2 saturation in the
sump? Should I be using a different injection technique? 

Thanks in advance!