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>>I'd like to get some feedback on books regarding planted aquariums.  What
you folks recommend for planted aquarium related books?  Looks like there is
more than a few to choose from!  Pretty pictures are great, but I do want
something that will give me some direction as well.<<

System for a problem-free aquarium -
Published by Dennerle Nature Aquaristic. It is a plant encyclopedia with 185
aquarium plants, 15 floating plants, 25 decorative plants, 15 aquascapes
with planting layouts.
Basically their plant catalog with brief info on each plant.

Aquarium Plants Manual by Ines Scheurmann
Thia book has been around for a few years now, but is still one of the best
for info on most of the common plant species as well as info on plant care.

A Practical Guide to Choosing your Aquarium Plants
by Peter Hiscock

A good beginner book that talks about substrates and lighting and groups
plants together by foreground, middleground, background, and speciman. Lots
of pictures.

Aquarium Style
Imaginative Ideas for Creating Dream Homes for Fish by
Matthew Christian
Here are innovative ways to bring out an aquarium's natural beauty and make
it the centerpiece of the home. At the heart of this volume are detailed
instructions for creating thirty different stunning aquarium design themes.
For instance, the "Transparent" theme uses glass beads instead of gravel,
incorporates bottles of different shapes as fish shelters, and suggests
stocking the tank with semi-transparent glassfish and glow light tetras.
Other decorative schemes include a "Zen Garden," a "Rocky Mountain" look, a
tropical jungle-like "Color Frenzy" theme, and others. More than 200
full-color illustrations include photos of finished aquariums, detail photos
of fish and plants, and diagrams of the aquarium plans. General advice
includes basic instructions on correct heating, lighting, filtration, and
airflow features. Live plants are also discussed, both as ornamental
features and retreats for the fish.  OK...I quoted this from the publisher!

Plants for your Aquarium by
Wolfgang Gula
Detailed aquascape designs, and info on plant care and specie info. Beginner

A Fishkeepers Guide to Aquarium Plants by Barry James, simular format to
that of The Aquarium Plants Manual, but with a few different plant species.
Formerly published by Tetra, but Tetra dropped all their Fishkeepers guide
series books, it is now available from another publisher.

Aquarium Plants The Practical Guide by Pablo Tepoot
More of a picture book, but has basic info on many plant species. The
forward is written by the CEO of Florida Aquatic Nurseries, who provied many
of the pictures either directly or through their partners. Several rare
cultivars are shown.

Robert Paul Hudson