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Re: snails missing and Endler's livebearers

>Scott wrote:

>Just an FYI, the fry that you have from your Endler's
>should no longer be called Endler's. I am not flaming
>you at all, just wanted to let you know that if you
>distribute the fish you should be sure to mention that
>they are possible hybrids. Endler's will readily cross
>with guppies. If you have male guppies in there the
>female Endler's are going to be throwing possible
>hybrids for some time as well since livebearers hold
>sperm for later fertilizations. On the positive side I
>understand that such crosses produce some really nice
>looking fish.

The guppies were evicted first.  I don't want plan on any hybrids.

Diane Brown