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Re: Hanna Meters

Not only have I heard of them .. I use one several times each week. I
purchased a "PRIMO" T D S meter directly from HANNA  9/7/01 on the
recommendation of a gentleman (from California) with an impeccable
reputation and have NEVER regretted my decision.

The major reason is that it works exceedingly well and second,  almost
tied for first is the cost....$15.90 plus shipping of $5.71. You can't
beat the price . I also bought a Pinpoint pH monitor for $89.00 and
calibration liquids   It works equally as well but far more expensive. I
think Pinpoint makes a T D S monitor/meter but why pay more when you can
get equal quality for far less. This is just an opinion based on my
personal experience ... YMMV.

in sunny cool New Orleans on 
Mardi Gras Day

Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler'