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Book recommendations?

I'd like to get some feedback on books regarding planted aquariums.  What do 
you folks recommend for planted aquarium related books?  Looks like there is 
more than a few to choose from!  Pretty pictures are great, but I do want 
something that will give me some direction as well.

This list is wonderful!  I've really been enjoying reading, and I'm learning 
bit by bit. I must admit that I'm far from understanding everything, but I 
think I glean more each day.

Over the weekend a large box of plants arrived from Jay Reeves who is a 
member of this list.  I'm  very touched by his generosity, not to mention 
thrilled to have more plants to play with. Honestly it's like Christmas!   I 
hope to be able to care for my plants well enough to pass along plants to new 
members in the future.
Thanks to all of you who post, and those who answer my less than 
knowledgeable questions. I'm reading and absorbing as fast as I can.

Sue Wild

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