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Re: How much light??

Matt asked:

> either
> 1 x 96watt compact florescent or
> 2 x 96watt compacts not sure if this would be overkill in a tank that
> is
> only like 15 inches tall.
A 2 x 96 will tend to be more tempermental than lower light levels --
this would be the racecar model, following Tom's analogy -- fast
(grower) but easier to wreck and they they really crucnh when they

You have other options, e.g., 1x96 plus 1x55, which would be closer to
about 4/gallon, still a very fast sports car.

2x55 would be about 2.7 watts/gallon, not a sports car but not a slug
either; reasonably tame

Scott H.

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