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Re: Sword trouble

DDavis wrote:
> Are you referring to older leaves or new leaves?  Most swords that you buy
> are grown emersed (especially if it was in a pot).  The leaves that are
> above water are sometimes more round and have a "plastic" feel to them.
> When these leaves are submerged they either evolve or die.  If new growth is
> not being affected then that may be your problem.  The only way I know to
> solve it is by letting the plant grow as usual and prune old leaves that
> start to decompose.

The yellowing, curly leaf margins, and dying appears to be unrelated to
the age of the leaves.
> If the entire plant is being affected then maybe it is buried too deep or
> the root was starting to die before you bought them.  Were the roots black
> or had a rotten smell?

The roots were fine, and I made sure that I can see the crown just above
the gravel.
> Something you may try...
> When you plant your swords but some Jobe Plant sticks around the root.  I
> used this method on a Double Red that acted skittish about growing.
> Hope that helps.
> big D
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> Knowledge is the door ... Education is the key.
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> PS  The recommendations above are from my own experiences and personal
> solutions.

Now the green hygro is starting to show similar symptoms. The older
leaves are getting wavy margins, and the leaves are splotched yellow.
The yellow is not just in between the veins like chlorosis, but just an
even mottle.

Jerry Baker

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