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Just sharing a giggle

I quote, <Fish in Chinese sounds the same as "good tidings" and
as for the first part, I'm afraid something got lost in the translation :)

It is the same syllable, but not the same "tone."  For example, in Mandarin 
the syllable "ma" can mean either Mother, beating, horse, or "the sentence is 
a question."  It depends on the tone.  So, with the correct tones, "Ma ma ma 
ma?" can mean "why is Mother beating the horse?" 

Has little to do with plants, but I wanted to share the smile.  :-)

Or, as my daughter would say, >_<   (squinty smile) or (*+*)  (Owl) or (+^+)  
(Drunken owl, on his back!)   Hmmmm.  I suppose >o< could be a goldfish from 
the front?


By the way, "Cat" is "Miaw" with a flat high tone.  Appropriate, I think.