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Re: A thought on the relevance of natural ecosystems for tanks

Doug pondered:

> Many aquatic ecosystems will be phosphate limited in part
> because nitrogen species run off from the land much more easily than the
> relatively immobile (in soils) phosphate.  Perhaps this is stating the
> obvious, but one of the major differences between tanks and aquatic systems
> is the source of nutrients (fish food+fertilizer vs leachate).  Limitation
> always has to do with the relationship between use and supply.  So, my two
> cents worth on why aquatic ecosystem data is probably not all that relevant
> for our tanks.  Sorry to chew up the bandwidth!

Doug, sometimes this newsgroup needs a healthy dose of the obvious. <g> 
I, for one, had no idea that phosphate was relatively immobile in soil.

To chew up more bandwidth, I think we all yearn for a connection with 
the natural world and aquariums are one way of doing that. Hiking is 
another. When we make our aquariums as "natural" as possible for our 
goals, we are happy. And what else is a hobby for?

Thank you.


Cheryl Rogers
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