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CO2 Input

I am interested in adding CO2 into my tank.  I have a 46 gallon tank with 1.5 watts of light per gallon.  My tank contains some Java Fern, Vallisneria spiralis, Anubias, Crinium, and crypt wendtii.  I was going to use the DIY yeast bottle method and then happened upon the Aquabotanic website where I saw the Plantguild power reactor, perhaps Mr. Hudson, you could tell me if this would be a good way to go?  Will I need to remove the carbon media from my Magnum for this to be of benefit?  If so is there another media that I can replace it with?

Also, I am waiting on an Emperor 280 power filter which was ordered from Big Al's over the weekend.  Upon receipt of that I plan on removing my UGF.  Can anyone give me some tips on that.  I am concerned about the amount of bacteria under the plate....will stirring that up be harmful to the fish - how much of a water change would you recommend I do at that time?  

Please bare with me as I am fairly new to this hobby and am finding that good advice is hard to come by.

Rheta Chase

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