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RE: driftwood


I bought a couple of pieces of "Australian Pine" from Florida Dirftwood.  As
advertised it sank immediately on its own.  While the seller says soaking is
not necessary, I soaked mine for a couple of days in my slop sink, running
multiple changes of hot and boiling water over it.  The first rinse was
slightly brown after a few hours, but after that even the hottest water I
could add did not leach any noticable color into the soaking water.  The
wood has not gotten soft after 16 months under water.

...But, the main thing about this stuff is the look of it!  Long twisted
branches flowing in a stream.  I've gotten a deep and open tank (27") but
one branch even breaks the surface of the water.  This is the stuff to add
texture to your tank.  My Riccia has colonized the wood about 2 inches above
the water line.  I wish I had bought several branches long enough to break
the water line.  My only regret is tying so many ferns to it that I can no
longer see much of the bark texture.  One of my best tank memories is
watching an Amano shrimp climb out of the water on the emergent branch, look
me in the eye, and then kick back into the tank!


Ps  Loved Portrait and Ulysees, but didn't get much past riverrun in
Finnegans Wake.