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Messages Not Posting

I have now twice attempted to send a mail to this list and it has not
shown up. What gives? Anyone know?

Here is the message (for the third time in the last 24 hours)
I have several new swords (Echinodorus bleheri and "compacta") that were
placed into the tank on Friday. Already some of the leaves appear to be
dying off. They have turned a yellowish color and have wrinkled edges,
while others retain the wrinkly edges but are losing even the yellowish

I dosed Flora Gro prior to the swords for nitrates (40 mL), and TMG
daily (3 mL). The water conditions are as follows:

pH 6.7
Temp: 82F
KH 3.25
CO2 18 ppm
NO3: unknown (stupid Tetra kit only reads >12.5 mg/L)
PO4: unknown

I tried adding some iron, but nothing improved. I'm at a loss. I'll try
adding some KNO3 tomorrow (and finding a better NO3 test kit).

Maybe it's just that some of the roots got injured during de-potting and
planting and this is normal?

Jerry Baker