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Nymphaea stellata or N. pubescens

Does any of you clever plant-folks know the difference between N. stellata 
and N. pubescens? I have a red dwarf water lily that I think is either of 
those. It reminds of the red tiger lotus, N. lotus (zenkeri), but it lacks 
the dark spots and the leaves are more arrow-shaped. The bulb is round and 
two leaf-rosettes are attached to it via short stalks. It is fast growing 
and I have to remove floating leaves quite often.

I have done some searching on the internet, but haven't found any 
descriptions of the submerged leaves of the two species. But I learned that 
N. stellata is native to India and Sri Lanka and N. pubescens to SE Asia. I 
would be very thankful if some of you can tell me some morphological 
differences between the two.

By the way, Great list!

Per Gunnar, Norway.

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