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Re: Er, Great ahem, Guys

>Speaking of Great Guys, and there are Great Girls too, besides Tom Barr who
>gives so unselfishly of his time, I just want to personally thank Mr. Kwek
>Leong Loh of Singapore

Hi, Bob,

To be mentioned in the same breath with the venerable Tom Barr, wow!!!!
I consider that a great honour.  You made my day.  Thanks but honestly,
I'm not in the same league.

It's good to know your moss wall is up and running and that your narrow
leaf java ferns are growing well.  Nothing is more gratifying than to know
that the plants I sent are doing well in their new homes.

Today being the eve of the Chinese New Year, I like to wish you and
everyone a very prosperous and happy year of the horse.  Here's hoping
you will always have success whenever your horse arrives and may you
always have fish.  Fish in Chinese sounds the same as "good tidings" and
as for the first part, I'm afraid something got lost in the translation :)

Loh K L