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Great Guys

Speaking of Great Guys, and there are Great Girls too, besides Tom Barr who 
gives so unselfishly of his time, I just want to personally thank Mr. Kwek 
Leong Loh of Singapore for his generosity and hard work in single handedly 
populating the tanks of plant lovers everywhere with what is now commonly 
referred to as "Christmas Moss". 

I presently have a solid wall of this marvelous plant at least the size of 
the one he tore down in support of the APD Defense Fund. I don't know if we 
figured out exactly what this stuff was or what its Latin name is - but it 
sure grows better here in South Florida than any "Java Moss" I've ever tried.

His bonus contribution of "Narrow Leaf Java Fern" made this desirable 
offshoot a standard in my tanks, where before I had only drooled at Amano's 

Thanks again Mr. Loh, may you live long and prosper always.

Bob Olesen
West Palm Beach