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Walmart bulbs?

I have 3 surviving "Walmart bulbs" of the 10 I purchased, 5 A. ulvaceus
hybrids and 5 marks just A. hybrids.  One of the A. ulvaceus hybrids is as
Robert describes mostly floating A. natans type leaves.  It is more than 20"
tall. I had to move it from my seriously overcrowded 10 gal to my newly
setup 20+gal for which it is still too big but not so bad.  It is currently
blooming like crazy sending up its 4th spike, all are single spikes.  It
also has been showing signs of some sort of disease on a couple of the
leaves, if it were a tomato plant I would say it is Early Blight.  The
affect leaves have sunken brown spots with concentric rings that eventually
cover the whole leaf.  So far one leaf has died and a second leaf is showing
one spot.  Anyone know what it is?

FWIW:  Of the other two A. hybrids that are growing one appears to be close
to what A. ulvaceous is supposed to look like with many transluscent areas
in the leaves.  The other is a very small plant that is only about 6" tall
so far with pale green leaves.  A 4th that grew but has since gone dormant
or died was like the first hybrid described above but the leaves were only
about 4" long some on short petioles and other were floating on long

I also have an A. crispus that is also blooming.  Its a pretty plant in an
olive drab color.

E. WA.