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Aponogeton henkelianus, Narrow leaf lace plant

OK, since we are talking about Aponogetons, I will use this to segway into
an Apon that is definetly not a Walmart plant!
Aponogeton henkelianus is a narrow leaf  "lace plant"or skeleton leaf plant
as it is sometimes called. The main difference between this and the
Madagascar Lace plant that I am aware of is it's leaf size and structure.
The leaves are generaly not more than 2" wide, and it's leaves are more of a
fine mesh or screen see-thru, where as its larger cousin has much thicker
skeleton like veins in the leaves...(does that make sense?)   Does anyone
have any more info on this plant? Here is a picture of it from Oriental
Aquariums' catalog:  http://www.aquabotanic.com/images/narrowlace.jpg

Robert Paul Hudson
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