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Plants in Croatia

Glad to hear you've been over here Tom! Dubrovnik is still very nice place
(I suppose you were reffering to damage done during the war).
Regarding plant keeping in Croatia, the situation is not what I would like
it to be,
but then again, many things are not...
As to my knowledge, there is no aquarium club in Croatia, let alone planted
aquaria club, choice of plants in FS is usually poor with some bright
moments, hobbyists usually don't know much about plant keeping and are
restricted to plants like Valisneria or some other "Die hard" kind. I
suspect there might be few people in my area, that are interested in plants,
but don't know how to locate them (I sure hope that I'm not alone). It would
be nice to have a club, organize lectures and educate people, then FS would
follow when they see oportunity for profit....
Aquarium hobby has pretty long tradition over here, it's a pitty that it
kind of stoped evolving.
Hey, maybe you could come to Croatia for holidays and give few lectures...
Davorin Palijan

> Tom Barr wrote:

I lived in Dubrovnik for 4 months. Very nice place. Well ...was.
I did get a chance to go up to Split once but stayed in the south venturing
out a few times to Titograd to talk to workers at a factory, Sarajevo (our
first experience with an automobile "Boot") and Mostar. I'd love to go back
someday. Glad it kicked you out of lurking mode:)
How's plant keeping there? I know a lot of German Tourist came through so
perhaps their taste for plant tanks rubbed off?
Tom Barr