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Re: No more stems? When is a tank no longer new?

Paulio629 at aol_com writes:  > I might remove all the stem 
> plants ... I am a bit affraid that once the stems are gone I will have 
> algae troubles.

       I have a similar question.  I was told to include fast growing plants 
in my new tank to compete with algae, and I did. That was a month ago.  
Although it was initially exciting to see the stem plants grow 1-2" a day, I 
now feel that those fast growing plants are a pain, since they have to be 
taken out and cut in half once each week.  [I have a 100 gal. with 220 watts 
of compact flourescents, and a CO2 system.]
       When is a tank no longer new, so that you don't need those stem 
speedsters?  I already removed the Parrot Feather, since that was rediculous. 
 The ambulia will be next, even though I love it.          

David Brown

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