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RE: No more stems?

Consider crypts, anubias and echinodorus (swords).  I'm not referring to
your basic amazon swords either.  Go for the indian red, red rubin, red
ozelot, red flame, rosefolia - majority of these are offered via
Aquabotanic.  Notice the pattern here?  Get some harder to grow plants.  You
may also wish to throw in some crinum.  Since you have the light and other
accessories, I say use it.  Think about doing hairgrass, glosso, or a
microsword foreground.  I have been happier without using very many stem
plants in my tank.  I substitute the stems plants with with crypt balansae,
retrospiralis, or spriralis.  I recently ordered some crypt tonkensis from
Aquabotanic, which will replace some stargrass.  I got tired of constantly
having to trim the stargrass.  Use wood and java fern to aquascape.

In my discus tank, I have a variety of swords, anubias, and crypts.  I also
have rotala indica (hiding a heater and real easy to grow) and alt. Reinicki
(was able to grow in one tank, now I want to try this one).  There is a spot
of hairgrass and glosso.  I can't keep enough algae in the tank to feed my

big D
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