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Re: KNO3 in the UK

> I need to add addtional nitrate to my 40gal (UK) tank.  My tapwater has
> 40ppm and I do a 10gal change every week to get a 'free'  10ppm slug but I
> am getting  a zero reading by the end of the week.  I use the Dupla product
> line so more water changes would prove costly for the tablets and Duplagan
> and, to be honest, I think I'm doing my duty at once every week  I've toured
> the local garden centres and the stump removers here in England  all seem to
> be Ammonium Sulphamate, no KNO3 in sight.  So, I am open to suggestions for
> a substitute?

Do __not__ use any thing that has the words Ammonia(NH3)/ammonium(NH4+) in
it! Sometimes drug stores carry KNO3.

> One option I am considering is a liquid supplement made by Kent called Pro
> Plant which contains 1% Nitrogen as Sodium Nitrate , plus undisclosed
> amounts of Magnesium and Boron.  How much of this would I need to get a 5ppm
> hit of nitrate in my tank (50 US gal,/190 litres)?  Is the sodium content
> likely to cause any problems? Could I have excess Magnesium and/or Boron
> through using this stuff?

There's not much NO3 in these products but they are available. Yamato green
would be a better product if your after an all in one mix.
You live in Europe and they have hydroponic's place surely. You can order
KNO3, KH2PO4, K2SO4 from them on line and have it delivered. You can buy
trace mixes(dry and make your own Dupla drops etc). Tropica master grow is
likely a cheaper product also. Certainly a better product for the money,

The other idea is to add more fish. Algae eaters namely. Not a bad thing to
add N with and they eat the algae. I'd get the cheaper hydro trace mix for
sure or buy a 5 liter jug of TMG. Then the water changes and the critters
should take care of the rest for you. I would not use the pro plant stuff.
It did not do so well when I beta tested it for a friend some years ago.
Doesn't have enough NO3, K+. I doubt the Na is an issue, not sure why the
heck those folks at Kent did not use KNO3 since it's a much better salt to

In any event, you can try the cheaper yank approach. Get the dry traces on
line, make your own. Then the original problem will not become one. Also add
more fish. Get some K+ in the form of K2SO4 if you can, potassium sulfate,
Potash of sulfur. Add 2 grams a week. Then you add as much trace mix as you
want to your tank without costing too much.
Tom Barr
> Wayne