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Re: Hair Algae and FFF (sic)

> Date: Fri, 08 Feb 2002 17:22:28 -0800
> From: Ed Dumas <a4a48835 at telus_net>
> > On Jordanella floridae: my experience shows me they are highly variable in
> > their temperament. I have had some that had to be pulled because they
> > harassed/injured a lot of other fish, and I have some now that are as mellow
> > as the day is long.
> > 
> I have two that are so mellow that sometimes I wonder if they are even
> flagfish! Where is their dignity, for Pete's Sake? ;-) I have noticed,
> though, they these two are also less concerned with algae than the
> glowing reports that I hear on the APD about them. Is there any
> relationship between their temperament and their interest in algae? I
> also wonder if they were treated with less than great conditions from
> the LFS where I got them. Not my usual choice in LFS, but I went there
> this once because they had them. Any relationship known out there
> between conditions of treatment, temperament, and interest in algae?

Temperament is similar to Gouramis. That is, they are very peaceful until in
a breeding mood. Poor condition and no live foods will leave them sluggish
and dull looking (but placid).

They have the long gut to digest vegetable matter, but they still need other
food to thrive and color up, nicely. As they are conditioned by feeding
blackworms, mosquito larvae, etc., they should eat more algae. In a
mixed-sex tank, they may also get territorial and even nip fins. I prefer
females-only for algae-control as they are less likely to be nasty.

I have even seen a male *J. floridae* take a big bite out of a tough Amazon
Sword leaf just to show how rough and mean he was, when displaying for a
female. [I don't think he actually ate it.]


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