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Re: Perfect tank syndrome

My one and only 'perfect tank' is a 10 gallon. Substrate is 'african ciclid' something. It is white, looks like crushed white lava rock and shells. About 1 inch of it and that's all. 
This tank never went through cycling. At least I never detected any ammonia or nitrite. I used a used biowheel from another Penguin 125. 
The ONLY algae it's ever had is some staghorn(?) imported on some Bolbitis. And very little of it, comes and goes. Never had diatoms, green spot or a trace of brush or hair. Not to mention BGA or greenwater. 
Two anubias. One growing extremely well. Bolbitis threatening to take over. Crypt wendtii has leaves that go to the surface and then curve back down, offsetting well, no holes or melting. Java fern modest. Hygro 'Tropic Sun' needs trimming regularly.
15 watts, bulb over a year old. DIY CO2, using Flourish now, TMG previously. Occasionally add some K and Mg. 
1 Keyhole cichlid, 1 skunk cory, 1 upside down synodontis and a Hypostomus. Small ramshorns. 
20% water change every other week. Biowheel no longer in use. 
Tank has been set up at just 1 year this month. 

>>>My tank is a 7-gallon All Glass Mini Bow and has a 14-watt light built into 

the hood that comes with it.  It's been a joy and my best tank.  Now 7 

months old and has never had a bit of algae - I've never even wiped the 

inside of the glass.  It has 6 White Clouds in it and no algae eaters 
some snails that are there accidentally.  I am taking down two 
tanks at home and setting up a 28-gallon bow front tank to 
replace them 
in the same way.  I know perfect tank syndrome won't strike 
twice but I 
can't help trying.

Ellen O'Connell
Parker, CO
mailto:oconnel4 at ix_netcom.com<<<

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